Friday, December 7, 2012

Bankruptcy Attorney

The lady I mentioned in a previous post, that was so relieved to see a process server, was given the advice from another person in the waiting area, to see a bankruptcy attorney. I have to admit, after hearing her story, I concurred. Due to her medical situation, she has been forced to apply for disability, she can no longer work, and can barely pay her minimal living expenses. She has so much debt hanging over her from the illness and loss of her job, that she really just needs help.
gretna bankruptcy attorney, or any other bankruptcy attorney, can look over all of her documents and advise her whether or not that is her best option, or even suggest an alternative that might better suit her needs. Yes, her credit will take a hit, but quite frankly, it sounds like it is already pretty bad if she hasn't been able to make a single payment on anything in over a year, all of her accounts are in collections, and she is getting served with judgment suits. Bankruptcy could actually help this lady raise her score (and reduce most of her stress) by eliminating her debts and giving her a fresh start. With her lack of income, she isn't using credit anyway, and perhaps the reduced stress would help her medically, and she might eventually be well enough to work again.

One thing I always like to mention when writing articles on this topic, is to ask that if you know of someone facing a financial decision such as bankruptcy, please be kind to them. They do not want or need any judgments from you regarding why they are in this situation. They may welcome advice, depending on the circumstances, but it would be best to let them come to you and ask. Offer kind words, a warm meal, an anonymous gift card, anything to let them know that you love and support them, and are willing to do what you can within your own means, to help them. They are not asking you to bail them out, just don't make them feel as though they are bad people for enduring this. Chances are you are not familiar with all of the aspects of their finances, you don't know exactly what went wrong, so just be nice :)
This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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